Hello there!

We’re BrightCherry, a web-design & development company based on the absolute edge of Harlow.

Our cosy little office is situated in Sawbridgeworth, and while we’re not actually based in Harlow, we’ve been servicing local Harlow businesses for several years, providing them with high-end online solutions.

So, if you’re in the market for a bespoke, professional and local web design and development service from a super-friendly team, then feel free to arrange a no obligation consultation. Contact us so we can start working together.

Custom websites

All our work is bespoke & custom built; we never use off-the-shelf designs.

Our aim is to help our clients' stand out from the crowd with a tailored solution that really works for them.


It's the most popular CMS/blogging platforms in the world, and fortunately we know it rather well; we specialise in building bespoke Wordpress solutions with custom features.

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E-commerce / WooCommerce

Want to sell your amazing products online? We can develop an e-commerce experience with a custom design, with a completely bespoke platform, or even use Wordpress's most popular e-commerce add-on, WooCommerce.

Website updates & maintenance

You may not have the time or expertise to maintain your website, but fortunately we do. Let us add or edit images and do all those updates that can be so time consuming.

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Clients based in Harlow

We have provided bespoke web design & development services for clients all over the country, but here are a few examples of projects for our clients based in Harlow...

Hatch Em

Hatch Em

Male Grooming Lounge

  • Design
  • Development
  • Wordpress
  • Responsive
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Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor

Appliance repair specialists

  • Design
  • Development
  • eCommerce
  • Wordpress
  • Responsive
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Why BrightCherry?

Yup, understood; with so many other local web design and development companies based in and around Harlow, you’re definitely not short of options (some better than others 🙂 ).

While our portfolio does a lot of the hard graft when it comes to recruitment, we appreciate there’s a lot more to a partnership than a beautiful and efficient end-product. There’s all that “stuff” in the middle and after the launch, which is equally as important when providing a successful and long-term working relationship.

Of course, we could easily bore you with an overwhelming list of genuine reasons to work with us over the other local web designers serving Harlow, but the reality is, we’ll probably just be repeating what everyone else is saying. There’s zero value in that.

However, we’re still going to make our case, but in the form of a very limited three point attack, covering some of the other “stuff”, which we believe are among the essential factors of consideration when choosing your web design company.


Strictly no up-selling

Yes, we’re a profit making business that loves making money (to put it bluntly), but we never allow that to supersede our moral duty to earn our buck fairly. That means we will never unnecessarily up-sell, or  silently sit-back and watch our clients’ spend money on features they don’t need, even if they think they do.

Believe us, we’d be a lot richer if we were in the business of just making money.


We're here. Always!

We have a long list of clients far afield, many miles away from the little town of Harlow, and in completely different time zones.

We make it work because we’re “always here”- always accessible and fast at responding.

We’re not saying we won’t miss the occasional call, but we are saying that if we do, we’ll get back to you sharpish.



We’re not in the business of “blagging it”, so if you come to us with a problem we can’t resolve by delivering anything other than expert and high-end solutions, then we won’t touch it.

We’re always transparent; never too scared to stick to what we do best and ever so politely reject everything else.