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MySQL Functions, Tips & Tricks

MySQL / WP WooCommerce – Get Customer Name & Email Address List

If you want a list of customers that have placed orders from your WooCommerce shop, you can use/adapt the following MySQL query… WooCommerce Customer Query… 1 2 3 4 5…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress Solution- WP-Admin Shows White Blank Screen

I was working on a client’s WordPress website, which was working perfectly on my local environment. But when I uploaded it to their server, I was served a blank white…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

FIX: Using WP Minify Fix With WP eStore & Corrupt PDF Download Files

I’ve been pulling my hair out for the last couple of hours trying to work out why all the PDF files being downloaded through the WP eStore Plugin were corrupt….

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress – Missing “Menus” Option From “Appearance” Menu

Bit of an odd one. Some times when I install WordPress the “Menus” option from the “Appearance” dropdown from inside the WordPress control panel is missing, other times it’s there…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress – Get Recent Comments & Blog Post Details

Retrieving recent comments in WordPress is pretty standard/easy, you can do it by using the get_comments function. The syntax requires a foreach loop, and is used as follows: Get recent…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

MySQL Queries Used When Moving WordPress Site To A New Domain

When we’re developing our websites, we always develop in a local testing environment, so the URL for the website will be something like http://dev.testexample.com. Once the website is ready to…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

Use WordPress Environment/Functions In An External File

If you want the ability to use WordPress functions/environment features in a section of the website which is outside of the WordPress environment (/blog/wp-content/themes/theme_dir/), then you just need to add…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress- Set Featured Image Link Missing

I have no idea why, but now and then the “set featured image” link is missing from the “add new post” page. I’ve also noticed that a lot of other…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress- Custom Excerpt Length

Here’s a bit of code that allows you to to create a custom excerpt length, based on the amount of characters you want to display. Code Add the following code…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress Excerpt Function Showing CSS #gallery-1

I had the strangest problem earlier. A client had reported that CSS code was showing on a category page, where only excerpts of a post should be showing. This is…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress – Removing Unwanted Header Elements

By default, WordPress tends to load a lot of junk in the header. So, for example, if you “view source” when looking at a wordpress blog post, you’ll typically see…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress- Display Google Adsense After 1st Paragraph Tag

I’ve been playing around with Google Adsense a lot lately- in particular trying to find out where the ads are best placed on a WordPress Blog to maximise click through…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress: Displaying Parent Categories Only & Putting Categories Into A Foreach Loop

I’ve been working with manipulating WordPress Categories a lot recently, so I’m just going to quickly jot down a few notes, as I’m sure I’ll need these in the future….

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress- Only Display Element On Homepage

A lot of the files in WordPress are used as includes e.g Sidebar, header and footer. What if you want certain elements in those includes to appear just on the…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress- Get Image Path Relevant To Theme

I’ve had a few people ask me how they can link an image into a theme. Apparently they’re having problems finding the relevant path, no matter how many directories they…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress RSS Feed Is Empty [Bug Fix]

I recently upgraded BrightCherry‘s wordpress version from 2.3 to 2.5. As soon as I did that I noticed our RSS feed stopped working. Hmm…strange. I Googled around and I couldn’t…

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