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I was working on a client’s WordPress website, which was working perfectly on my local environment. But when I uploaded it to their server, I was served a blank white screen whenever I tried to access the admin section (www.example.com/wp-admin), while the front end worked just fine. Essentially, I could see and navigate my around the front-end, but I couldn’t log into the control panel.

Strange. I had never experienced that before. Although, I strongly suspected it was a server issue, because I wasn’t experiencing the problem on my local setup.


The symptoms were as follows:

  • www.example.com/wp-admin/ would not load at all- always returned a blank white screen, even the source code was empty.
  • I could access www.example.com/wp-login.php and it would show the login form, but when I submitted my credentials, essay for money it would redirect to an action URL in the wp-admin directory, so I was served a blank white screen.
  • Essentially, it was almost like the entire wp-admin directory was being blocked.

My Solution

I did Google around for a solution, and it quickly became apparent that i wasn’t the only one experience the same problem. However, none of the solutions provided worked in my case. But I did read a comment which reminded me that WordPress can act strangely if it’s not installed on a server with a minimum PHP Memory Limit of 32MB. So I quickly uploaded phpinfo file onto the server to check… and there the problem became glaringly obvious. The server only had a 8MB PHP Memory Limit- no wonder it was struggling!

I told my client to contact his host and request that they increase the memory limit to at least 32MB.

Low and behold, it worked! The white screen of death was gone! I could now access wp-admin and log into the control panel.

Hope that helps someone else. If so, please let me know.


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