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Bit of an odd one.

Some times when I install WordPress the “Menus” option from the “Appearance” dropdown from inside the WordPress control panel is missing, other times it’s there immediately after install. Perhaps there’s a logical explanation http://bestessaywritingservice.co.uk/, but I haven’t taken the time to investigate. I suspect it depends on what theme is being resolved and how the functions.php is setup.

I’ve seen a few people ask the question in other forums https://www.brightcherry.co.uk/scribbles/wordpress-get-recent-comments-blog-post-details/, so I thought I’d throw up a solution.

"Menus" option from "Appearance" menu

In any case, to get the “Menus” option appearing, insert the following code in the functions.php file…

add_theme_support( 'menus' );


  1. Charles spoke on 28/10/2016

    THANK YOU! This had me stumped and I couldn’t find any information to help me, not even on the WordPress codex or support forums. You are my saviour!

  2. Bill Gilmore spoke on 25/04/2018

    Yup same as the guy above, thanks for this

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