PHP Scripts, Tips & Tricks

PHP- Getting The Filename From A URL

Someone emailed me, asking me how to get the filename from a URL using PHP. It’s pretty easy, but I thought i’d jot it down for everyone, just in case…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

JQuery- Auto Refresh Div Every X Seconds

I’ve recently been working on a e-commerce site (online store) for a client. One of the features required was to show the most recently viewed items on the homepage. For…

CSS Tips & Tricks

Remove Redundant CSS From Your Stylesheet

Last week someone approached me with a problem- their website was running significantly slow. There were many obvious problems, but the issue I’m going to cover today is CSS stylesheets….

PHP Scripts, Tips & Tricks

PHP- Adding And Subtracting Dates

Here’s how you add and subtract dates from one another. For example, this simple code can calculate what the date will be 2 weeks before or after 1998-08-14 (yyyy-mm-dd). Subtracting…


HTML Form Effect- Remove Default Value On Focus

This Javascript form effect basically removes the default value (e.g Your Name) when the input field is on focus. If nothing is entered, and focus is taken away from the…

PHP Scripts, Tips & Tricks

PHP- Check If File Exists On Different Domain

Earlier today I needed to find out if a file exists on a different domain. Initially I used the file_exists function, but then when that threw back an error I…


MySQL & PHP- Show Tables In Database

Someone asked me the other day how to display the existing tables in their database with a PHP script. The query itself is pretty simple, but people seem to get…

PHP Scripts, Tips & Tricks

PHP- List All Files In A Directory

I’m working on a website for a client at the moment, and one of the features I need to do is display a bunch of images in a particular directory….

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress- Only Display Element On Homepage

A lot of the files in WordPress are used as includes e.g Sidebar, header and footer. What if you want certain elements in those includes to appear just on the…

CSS Tips & Tricks

Rounded Corners With CSS

This is a pretty simple but useful tutorial. A lot of people physically create round-edged backgrounds with applications like Photoshop. While this is time-consuming and a complete nightmare for updating…

PHP Scripts, Tips & Tricks

2-Dimensional Arrays In PHP

I LOVE arrays. They make life so much easier and efficient. At first they can be quite difficult to get the hang of, but once you capture the basics, everything…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress- Get Image Path Relevant To Theme

I’ve had a few people ask me how they can link an image into a theme. Apparently they’re having problems finding the relevant path, no matter how many directories they…

CSS Tips & Tricks

Centering Text Vertically With CSS

CSS can be extremely odd some times, and vertically centralizing text in CSS is one of those occasions which makes me think that… Centering text horizontally within a div is…

PHP Scripts, Tips & Tricks

PHP- Count Files In A Directory

I’ve just added a new feature to the Team page, where i’ve added a small CSS image gallery. So now you can see multiple images of the awesome BrightCherryteam! I…

CSS Tips & Tricks

Using Different CSS Stylesheets For Different Browsers

I’ve been crunching through a lot of CSS this week, and on occasion I’ve had to overcome the classic CSS battle between Firefox and I.E. It’s no secret that Internet…

CSS Tips & Tricks

5 Cool CSS Tricks That Are Often Neglected

In this post I’ll quickly go over 5 CSS tricks that I think are pretty cool, but often neglected. Controlling case sensitivity Transparency Using multiple classes together Changing Cursor CSS…

CSS Tips & Tricks

How To Remove Dotted Border From Links In Firefox

I’ve noticed that a lot of websites have an unexpected dotted border around links in Firefox. A lot of the times you can get away with it because it doesn’t…

CSS Tips & Tricks

Centering A Div With CSS

I get this question a lot, “How do you center a div?” Central aligned websites are extremely common. Back in the day most websites were aligned to the left, but…

Wordpress Tips & Code Snippets

WordPress RSS Feed Is Empty [Bug Fix]

I recently upgraded BrightCherry‘s wordpress version from 2.3 to 2.5. As soon as I did that I noticed our RSS feed stopped working. Hmm…strange. I Googled around and I couldn’t…

PHP Scripts, Tips & Tricks

PHP: Remove Everything But Letters And Numbers – Reg Expressions

I always forget this PHP function, but I’m finding myself regularly needing it. I thought I’d just jot it down for my own reference and for anyone else who might…

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