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Javascript – Passing Variables Into window.location

I’m quickly going to show you how to pass a variable into window.location – I’ve recently read a few discussion forums where people have been struggling with this. It’s really…


Javascript – Get The Hash Tag Value From A URL

So, you have the following URL: http://www.example.com/page/#comment-12 You want to get the value after the hash tag (#), which is comment-12 The following Javascript code will help you achieve what…


Javascript – Make Div Into A Clickable Link

From what I’m aware, you can’t make a div into a clickable link with just HTML. The only way I’ve ever known is by using Javascript. Open in new window…


Javascript – How To Remove The Trailing Hash In A URL

Ok, this is a quick note to myself, because I always seem to forget this code, and I have no idea why, because it’s so simple. So, the scenario is…


HTML Form Effect- Remove Default Value On Focus

This Javascript form effect basically removes the default value (e.g Your Name) when the input field is on focus. If nothing is entered, and focus is taken away from the…

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