Javascript – How To Remove The Trailing Hash In A URL


Ok, this is a quick note to myself, because I always seem to forget this code, and I have no idea why, because it’s so simple.

So, the scenario is that when I’m writing AJAX code, a lot of the times I use a hyperlink to trigger an action. For example, look at the following code…

<a href="#" class="open_div">Open Div</a>
<div id="show_content" style="display:none">Show stuff here....</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
	$(".open_div").click(function () {

Ok, so what that code is basically doing is displaying a link, with the anchor text, Open Div. When the link is clicked, the show_content div will appear, with the containing content.

But the problem is, if I clicked that link on the BrightCherry homepage (assuming the code was there), the URL would change to this…

Trailing Hash

Anyone else experience this? It’s not actually a problem, but it irritates me because I find it ugly and weird (probably because I’m very particular).

The Solution

The fix ISN’T to simply remove the hash (#) from the A TAG, because then the code won’t work.

To stop the trailing hash from the URL, you just need to do the following…

// replace the hash with the following
<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="open_div">Open Div</a>

Ahhh, that’s better.

Out of curiosity, has this problem actually bothered anyone else?


  1. Timmo spoke on 31/05/2010

    I think there is a better solution for this problem. Prevent the default action when clicking the A-element. Use this:
    This way you don’t have to assign the ‘href’-attribute.

    Good luck!

  2. Martin Medina spoke on 22/08/2010

    is there any way to avoid firefox and ie to reload the page adding the hash-tag to the url.

    due to that i refine results by time with adding &as_qdr=d to the end of url, i have a problem with theese hashtags.

    It does not happen with Chrome, but Firefox reloads the page after query adding this nightmare hash d?=¿)a¿?)!!m!!”!”·n

    I am terribly stuck since weeks, and i must say that i never had such a problem finding a solution to a programming issue like this time

    my form is here: http://infoprofesionales.es/pageID_results.html

    I need a script to block Firefox (at least) to reload adding the hash-tag

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