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htaccess fun

htaccess – 301 Redirect Website From http to https

More and more websites are making the move from http to https, primarily because of Google’s announcement back in August 2014, where they said websites with SSL (i.e. secure connection)…

htaccess fun

htaccess- Redirect Entire Website To New Domain While Preserving URL Structure

Here’s a piece of htaccess code which you can use to 301 redirect an old website onto a new domain, while preserving the same URL structure for every page. Obviously,…

htaccess fun

htaccess- 301 Redirect Old URLs With Spaces

Here’s a quick and easy htaccess 301 redirect tip. So, you have a URL like this: http://www.example.co.uk/this is_a_file.html and you want to redirect it to: http://www.example.co.uk/this_is_a_file.html All you need to…

htaccess fun

htaccess- Hide File Extension

I only used this code for the first time last week, but seems to work pretty well. The same code is plastered all over the internet on various websites, so…

htaccess fun

Htaccess- 301 Redirect An Entire Directory / Folder

Here’s a simple pierce of code which will permanently redirect a folder / directory. For example, if you have a directory in the following path: http://www.example.com/pictures/, and for whatever reason…

htaccess fun

Htaccess: Prevent People Hotlinking Your Images

Here’s some Htaccess code that will prevent people from hotlinking images hosted on your server. Simply change the domain to yours and then apply the code to your .htaccess. It’s…

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