FIX: Using WP Minify Fix With WP eStore & Corrupt PDF Download Files

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I’ve been pulling my hair out for the last couple of hours trying to work out why all the PDF files being downloaded through the WP eStore Plugin were corrupt. I was getting complaints from people telling that the PDF’s were scrambled.

My natural instinct was to disable the WP Minify Fix plugin because I had a hunch that was the root of the problem. As soon as I disabled it, the PDFs were no longer corrupt- my instincts were right. It was clear WP Minify Fix was not playing nicely with WP eStore.

After fiddling around with the settings for a good hour (and getting quite frustrated in the process), I figured out how to get them to work together. I had to disable the WP eStore plugin from being parsed through WP Minify Fix.

This is the setting I used:


Note: I initially tried entering the full URL of the plugin directory e.g. http://example.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-cart-for-digital-products/ – for some reason that does NOT work. It only worked when I entered the plugin folder name. Had the URL of worked (it’s a bit odd that it doesn’t), I would have resolved the problem in 5 minutes because I tried it custom essays during the early stages of debugging! It was only by chance/luck/desperation that I tried only the folder name.

Anyways, that seemed to fix my problem, PDF files are no longer scrambled/corrupt.

Let me know if you’ve been having the same problem and if this solution works for you 🙂


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