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jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

Google Maps Won’t Show Centralised Inside jQuery Tabs

I was working on a client’s website earlier today, and I ran into a real head-scratcher of a problem. Basically, the page had multiple content tabs, and each tab would…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

jQuery – Start jQuery After Page Has Fully Loaded

If you want your jQuery to start executing after the page is fully loaded, you can use the following code: 1 2 3 4 5 <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(window).on("load", function ()…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

Using jQuery Lightbox With live()

I’ve noticed a few people struggling with the following issue in a few forums, so I thought i’d write a blog post on how to overcome it. I looked through…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

jQuery – Uploadify Returning HTTP 401 Error On Mac OS

Not sure how useful this is going to be for anyone else, but I was on the verge of throwing my computer out the window earlier today while trying to…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

jQuery- Show On Click, Hide On Hover Out Function

Not sure how many people would be looking for a function like this, but I needed it, so I suspect someone else out there might too. The code below is…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

jQuery – Second Click Function Examples

Here are a few ways in which you can use the “click” event to trigger an action on the first click, and then trigger another action on the second click….

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

How To Display Latest Tweet From Twitter On Your Website

The code below no longer works, since the Twitter API updated to 1.1 on the 11th June 1013. The 1.1 API requires oAuth which requires a server side component. But…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

jQuery- Show The Height And Width Of The Browser Viewport in Real-Time

Strange. I looked around everywhere for this code, and couldn’t find it anymore online. I simply wanted jQuery code that would show the height and width of the browser viewport…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

JQuery – Hover And Show Next Element

So, this JQuery code shows the next element (a DIV in this case) when you hover over a “trigger” (in this case, the triggers are hyperlinks), and then hides the…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

Ajax- JQuery Hovering/Expanding Info Box

I looked high and low for an “AJAX hovering/expanding info box”, but I couldn’t really find anything decent that worked in all browsers. Most of them choked when using I.E….

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

Ajax JQuery – Rotating Image Script

I can’t remember for the life of me where I got this code from, but if I could, I’d give the author the credit. I didn’t write this code, but…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

Ajax – Rotating Text

I just implemented a new feature on the Property Investment Project website, which shows a box rotating through various text blocks. Just for clarification, this code doesn’t just apply to…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

Ajax JQuery / PHP – Refresh Table When Inserting Row Into a MySQL Database

I’ve had a few people asking me how to refresh a table (not the entire page) when inserting rows into a MySQL database, so I thought I’d quickly put together…

jQuery Scripts & Helpful Snippets

JQuery- Auto Refresh Div Every X Seconds

I’ve recently been working on a e-commerce site (online store) for a client. One of the features required was to show the most recently viewed items on the homepage. For…

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